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Hotmelt glue stick is a form of thermoplastic adhesive . Immediately bonding hotmelt glue stick . we server tamilnadu and in Coimbatore
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PU Foam Spray in Chennai is a ready-to-use, multi-purpose, polyurethane foam spray that expands to three times its original volume on contact with air. The expanding action fills holes, cracks and gaps more completely than standard caulks. PU foam has excellent insulting properties and adhesion to virtually all building materials.PU Foam Spray in Chennai
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Transparent Potting Adhesives in coimbatore and Clear Potting Adhesive in coimbatore. Resins is please to announce the introduction of a clear potting compound that meets the your requirements. This breakthrough unfilled potting and encapsulating compound features low viscosity, low density, and low hardness properties that make it suitable for many potting applications. The low density of this material sets it apart from traditional potting compounds because OEM's can now have a lighter finished unit. This transparent potting compound can be used in a variety of required applications including potting for appliances (white goods), touch pad potting, sensor potting, and many other general encapsulating applications.
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High Temperature Adhesive up 1500'C We have the product which can run at up to 1500'c . • Fireplace sealing mass based on water glass, intended for repairing and sealing in places exposed to extremely high temperatures; chimney, fire place sealant. • Resistant to direct flame • Resistant to high temperatures up to +1500°C High Temperature Adhesive in Coimbatore available High Temperature Adhesive in Chennai available High Temperature Adhesive in Bangalore available
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Nail Free Adhesive • One-component mounting adhesive based on synthetic rubber in organic solvents. • For bonding of wide range of building materials to most typical surfaces, such as: concrete, plaster, chipboard, wood, plaster board, brick • Bonding of baseboards, plinths, doorsteps, floor panels, ceramic tiles • Bonding decorative elements made of wood, gypsum, cork, chipboard, metal, stones, foamed polystyrene • Bonding of mineral and glass wool • Clamping of carpets and PVC floor coverings • Colour: biege • Solid content: 75% • Density [g/ml]: 1, 25 ± 0, 05