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Transparent Potting Adhesives in coimbatore Clear Potting Adhesive in coimbatore Resins is please to announce the introduction of a clear potting compound that meets the your requirements. This breakthrough unfilled potting and encapsulating compound features low viscosity, low density, and low hardness properties that make it suitable for many potting applications. The low density of this material sets it apart from traditional potting compounds because OEM's can now have a lighter finished unit. This transparent potting compound can be used in a variety of required applications including potting for appliances (white goods), touch pad potting, sensor potting, and many other general encapsulating applications.
Potting Epoxy in Coimbatore, Potting Epoxy resin a Fire retardant, Filled Epoxy Resin System which cures at room temperature, suitable for Electrical and Electronic Potting/Casting applications. Epofil–60–FR is specially formulated and processed to obtain void free encapsulation and castings to get good electrical properties. It is a ready to use filled system having low viscosity at processing temperature. The system is modified with special anti-settling agents to avoid heavy settling on storage. However the filler settling in the system is very soft and could be re-mixed easily. Epofil–60–FR can be used with room temperature curing Hardener–PAM or Hardener–AMD. The cured Epofil–60–FR system has the following characteristics: Flame retardancy meting the requirements of UL 94 V0 Good thermal conductivity Good adhesion to most organic and inorganic materials Good mechanical and electrical properties combined with good chemical and water resistance Reduced shrinkage and exotherm Low coefficient of liner expansion
Transparent Potting Adhesives Clear potting compound , Fast curing , High water resistance , high chemical resistance
Clear Potting Adhesives, Flexible Potting Adhesive
Clear Component Potting Epoxy Clear Component PU for Potting and Bonding