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Hybrid Sealants & MS Polymer Adhesives INR   0 INR  0

Hybrid Sealants & MS Polymer Adhesives

• Hybrid adhesive sealant based on MS base. • Ultra transparent, crystal joint and free of isocyanates and solvents • excellent adhesion to wide range of construction and automotive substrates • Adheres without primer to most of the substrates. • Works on damp condition, UV resistance and Paintable • Neutral, non-corrosive and applicable on alkaline surface • Suitable for both internal and external applications, odourless and chemical resistance • Bonding skirting-boards, panels, plates made of synthetic materials, glaze, terracotta, elements made of synthetic materials, wood, metals, metal plates, for all types of surfaces in building such as brick, concrete, gypsum, plasters • Shore A hardness: 45 • Skin formation time: 5-50 minutes • Product meets requirements of EN 15651-1:2012 F-EXT-INT-CC • Product meets requirements of EN 15651-3:2012 S Class S 2



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